Born in the spring of 1976 in the european capital city, soon left for more rural territories.

Feels an early fascination for all feathered, hairy or scaly animals. But especially the feathered ones.

Needs to keep a trace of the elusive encounters with the so-called animals and thus puts himself into photography as soon as he understands its principles.

Perpetually unsatisfied, he hasn’t taken the « photo of the century » yet but isn’t desperate about it.

Sort of disappointed by his native country for the following reasons : delirious countryside urbanisation, devastating agricultural practices, monstrous « belgian blue » cows, pathetic political and linguistic quarrels. Took thus refuge in France, and not only for professional reasons.

Attracted to the high seas and small islands, primary forests, remote villages and countryside and, predictable birdwatching distorsion, to settling ponds and Ponant islands.

Regularly needs to travel far away and discover new landscapes and faunas. But also very fond of getting pictures of his garden’s bugs.

Would like to be useful to wildlife conservation, and dares to believe that his images will induce admiration and respect for his models.

Quick bio:

  • 1976: born in Brussels, Belgium
  • 1987: first steps into birdwatching
  • 1988: first SLR camera (Olympus OM-20 and Tamron 350 mm) and first wildlife pictures
  • 1993: first Nikon SLR (F-601), followed by three others (F80 & F100) until 2004
  • 2001: graduates as a vet and moves to France (Vosges, Calvados, Marne, Ariège, Hérault and Deux-Sèvres)
  • 2004: turns to digital photography and starts macrophotography

Optics: 18-50 mm f/2.8, 20 mm f/2.8, 105 mm f/2.8 VR, 70-200 mm f/2.8 VR, 100-300 f/4, 500 mm f/4 VR